Hello From The Other Side

Hello, I’m a 30-year-old woman, and YES I am alive. This may surprise you but I was inebriated on my 30th birthday and I woke up feeling the same damn way I always felt. My vagina didn’t fall out, my skin was glowing because of the lack of hydration, and my weight was still the same.

I’m not going to lie. Everybody talks about 30’s like it’s a time warp that will fast-forward to your 50’s and you didn’t get a chance to live nor consent to this life. I rocked the fuck out of my 20’s, (Subscribe and you will see the crazy shit I did) but for now I want to talk about being 30.

It’s worse than being in your 20’s. You are “too old” supposedly, you can’t do things like go out and party, the only area I am reserved too now are Bridal showers, Baby Showers and Brunches. (I will rock a good brunch until the day I die! Mimosas will live on forever in my liver!)

Also, I now have to be extra health because this bitch name metabolism straight up broke up with me in the middle of “get your health together” “keto” and “whole30” and told me to eat my way out. I am still a typical woman who hates her weight and has to figure shit out on my own. I actually go see my Primary Care Doctor at least once a month because I know I got some messed up genes I need specialists for.

Finally, being jobless in your 30’s isn’t cool. I have a degree but supposedly I need another degree and 5 years of experiences to fall out of the fucking sky so I can get a job that will at least let me pay back Sally Mae once every other month. Credit scores matter and I am disputing everything I have on it but it doesn’t matter cause I still owe people money.

I am the ukulele and that’s life playing me.

The 30’s is where all the fucked up things in your life finally catches up with you and throws you down the stairs because you are carrying Hope inside of you and it wants you to abort that shit. I know that went dark but this is how my life has been feeling now. I watch a lot more comedy shows than before because I like to laugh at my suffering in the eyes and lights of others. I am 30, jobless, broke, and wandering around. So hopefully this blog will let be my release and a place for me to help others know that life doesn’t end but yet you have a shit ton of rounds to go through.  

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